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The Missional Transition

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The author was initially introduced to the term missional while pursuing advanced ministry studies. He became intrigued by the word and spent several years pursuing its meaning and learning how to become a missional leader in his own life and ministry. Throughout this process, he attempted to apply his own research and study in practical ways in the various ministry roles in which he was involved. From these efforts, he learned valuable lessons about what it meant to be missional and decided to pass his insights on to others. In this book, the author provides his most sincere reflections which he sees as critical to growth in missional capacity. He seeks to clear the path to new, undiscovered ministry horizons while simultaneously deconstructing old, debilitating church models.


George Creamer completed advanced ministry studies in missional/pastoral leadership from Houston Graduate School of Theology. He is currently serving as the Director of Training for LINC Houston, providing direction and oversight to the overall training program for pastors and lay leaders. Previously, he had been involved in teaching and mentoring in various Hispanic Bible Institutes which prepared him for his current role. He also served as a denominational associate director of Christian education and a missions pastor. He has been involved in outreach to Honduras for many years, which is also his country of birth.