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The Money Hackers: How a Group of Misfits Took on Wall Street and Changed Finance Forever

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Every day, businesses, investors, and consumers are grappling with the seismic changes technology has brought to the banking and finance industry. The Money Hackers is the dramatic story of fintech's major players and explores how these disruptions are transforming even money itself.

Whether you've heard of fintech or not, it's already changing your life. Have you ever Venmoed someone? Do you think of investing in Bitcoin--even though you can't quite explain what it is? If you've deposited a check using your iPhone, that's fintech. And if you've gone to a bank branch and discovered it has been closed and shuttered for good, odds are that's because of fintech too.

The Money Hackers focuses on some of fintech's most powerful disruptors--a ragtag collection of financial outsiders and savants--and uses their incredible stories to explain not just how the technology works, but how the Silicon Valley thinking behind the technology, ideas like friction, hedonic adaptation, democratization, and disintermediation, is having a drastic effect on the entire banking and finance industry.


Dan Simon is chairman of the Museum of American Finance communications board and CEO of Vested, a global financial communications firm. He represents some of the most recognizable brands in finance and fintech, including Morgan Stanley, Bloomberg L.P., and Goldman Sachs. He's a regular columnist for Forbes, Markets Media, and Cointelegraph and is a regular commentator on platforms like Cheddar, Asset TV, and FinTech TV, and his podcast Wall & Broadcast has over 100,000 downloads.