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The Timeless Book on Leadership

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Organizations rise and fall on leadership. Leadership is so necessary in our world. There are innumerable places where the epitome of leadership is practiced. There are also innumerable places where leadership is lacking. I love the study of leadership, have been doing it for 33+ years, and expect to do it my whole life. Leadership fascinates me and the more I study it the more I validate how critical it is to teams, organizations, our nation, and our church. Leadership lessons are everywhere what to do and what not to do. You can see it in day-to-day experiences, in the movies, in the church, in a small group, and especially in the Bible. In this book, I articulate 200 leadership lessons from God's Word. My life's purpose is to Positively Influence Lives. This is done primarily through leadership. My measure of success with this project is expose readers to God's Word, expose readers to some leadership lessons, and enable readers to build upon their leadership knowledge. Ultimately, I hope this newfound knowledge and perspective encourages readers to amplify their leadership regardless where they are in society or within an organization.


Vinnie Venturella