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Unburdened: The Christian Leader's Path To Sexual Integrity

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You're not the only one. The question is not whether you struggle with sexual integrity, but how you struggle. Male Christian leaders are among Satan?s primary targets for sexual sin and temptation, but many men are still burdened by past and current mistakes, needlessly struggling with shame and silence. Michael Todd Wilson understands these challenges and provides honest, grace-filled counsel drawn from years of experience helping men pursue greater sexual integrity. He uncovers the everyday tendencies that keep us from overcoming our personal obstacles and provides fresh ideas to live in the light. Unburdened is perfect for individuals, groups or one-on-one mentoring relationships. Whether you're still living with hidden sin or continuing to distance yourself further from its reach, step into the path of an expanding freedom to move beyond the sexual restraints that so easily bind us all.


Michael Todd Wilson is a licensed professional counselor and board-certified coach with Intentional Hearts and cofounder of ShepherdCare. He is the coauthor of Soul Virgins: Redefining Single Sexuality and Preventing Ministry Failure.


"Thank you Michael Todd for the gift of Unburdened. It gives men the permission and opportunity to crack open the vault and be honest about their sexual integrity. I wish I could turn back time and accept this book's invitation to be honest and transparent with my own sexual integrity struggles. This book is a must-read and re-read for every Christian leader. For more than five years, MT's insight, care and leadership have been crucial in my own recovery from sexual integrity failures as a ministry leader. As I read Unburdened, I felt as if I were face-to-face with MT, talking about this crucial topic that most men desperately avoid."
Steve Fee, songwriter, worship leader, music producer

"Finding sexual integrity for pastors and church leaders is one of the most significant challenges of our age. Despite this desperate need for recovery, too many Christian leaders feel isolated and alone and suffer in quiet despair and shame. Michael Todd Wilson clearly lays out a thorough plan of healing and recovery in the pages of this book that will give you hope for the future. Thank you, Michael Todd, for being a pastor to our pastors and church leaders!"
Gary D. Campbell, CFA, president, PCA Retirement Benefits, Inc.

"Michael Todd Wilson's Unburdened is spot-on. This book will be an invaluable tool as I minister to men in our congregation and men serving as missionaries all over the world. The struggle with sexual integrity is not confined to western culture and its trappings. Men serving in some of the most remote places in the world have the same struggles. This book will save ministries!"
Ricky Wheeler, global ministries, Johnson Ferry Baptist Church