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Victorious Spiritual Warfare: So Simple, Grandma Can Do It

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Struggling in your walk of faith? Wondering where and how do I find victory?

Trying to understand spiritual warfare, what it is, and why it is important?

In Spiritual Warfare: So Simple A Grandma Can Do It, Maureen Broderson provides us with a practical and authentic Biblical response to fight not just for victory, but from the position of victory Christ secured on Calvary. Rooting spiritual warfare in scripture, Maureen shows us what is real and what is true enabling us to easily recognize the counterfeit. Detailing easy-to-follow steps, including specific prayers, the author walks us through a winning spiritual warfare strategy so simple anyone can do it.

"The Lord's strategic battle plan has always been to empower and equip each one of us to live life with the confident assurance that through Christ, we are more than conquerors." - Maureen Broderson


Maureen Broderson, as a Pastor, John Maxwell Certified Coach, Teacher, Trainer, and Speaker, I can offer you workshops, seminars, and keynote speaking, aiding your personal and professional growth through study and practical application of Scripture. In addition to the extensive training I ongoingly receive as a certified member of The John Maxwell Team, I have earned a Master’s degree from The King’s University in Los Angeles. I went on to serve as a member of the adjunct faculty at The King’s, teaching Practical Theology, Ministry, Leadership Development, and Counseling. I have earned my Certification as an Accredited Trainer and Human Behavior Consultant with Personality Insights, Inc., primarily utilizing the DISC Model of Human Behavior. Additionally, I am an ordained minister in the Foursquare Church. I serve as a member of the Pastoral Support Team and Servant’s Council at our church in Los Angeles, California, where I provide Training and Biblical Equipping Seminars. For over three decades, my husband and I also served with Cleansing Stream Ministries and the Cleansing Discipleship Seminar. We have maintained numerous leadership roles, including the CSM Board of Directors, and have ministered here in the U.S. and overseas.

In my role as an author, I have published a new book this year entitled Victorious Spiritual Warfare: So Simple, Grandma Can Do It. Within its pages, I take the oft-misunderstood topic of spiritual warfare from the seminary library bookshelves and onto the coffee table of every follower of Christ. I lay out God’s incredible plan for His people to live lives in His glorious victory.


I have loved reading this book! Spiritual warfare against Satan is so important to the church and such a protection against evil but it can seem too difficult or otherworldly. This book so clearly explains why we are called to spiritual warfare and how anyone who puts their faith in Jesus can be effective. She gives very clear and easy to understand stories and explanation of how and when to pray and includes beautiful prayers at the end of each chapter. I find myself going back and rereading areas of the book there's just so much good information in it. Highly recommend as a must read for any Christian.
– Mary Tara

What a wonderful book!! After the first chapter I was hooked. It's easy to read, easy to relate to and draws you in wanting more. If the Lord has been tugging on your heart like He has been mine and wanting to take you into a deeper relationship with Him, then THIS is the book for you! The Lord shows up in these pages. You will not be disappointed.
– Malinda Longoria

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