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What Is A Disciple And How Do You Make One?

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In many ways the church has become more adept at adding members than preparing true Christian disciples. Author and evangelist Mark Swiger believes that bringing souls to Christ and then nurturing them to Christ-like maturity requires an approach that is different from the methods often employed today.

Many congregations do not have a clear plan in place for seeing every believer grow to fruitfulness and spiritual maturity. Adding to this problem, sometimes pastors struggle with knowing how to equip others for the work of the ministry.
Swiger has developed a Spirit-led manual for disciples and those who lead them. Part I of his book is for everyone, since every believer is first and foremost a disciple of Jesus. Part II speaks to the particular needs of pastors and leaders who are charged with discipling others.

This interactive, biblically based handbook is designed to help the church rediscover the eternal, disciple-making truths and examples found in the Scriptures. God's Word still has the power to transform ordinary believers into disciples who can turn the world upside down.


Mark Swiger has ministered to thousands as a pastor, Bible teacher and evangelist. He has touched countless lives throughout Asia via television, and is the author of Miracles and Multitudes. He and his wife, Paulette, also a gifted Bible teacher, presently reside in Tennessee.