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The Art of Selling – Strategies to Increase Book Sales

The Art of Selling – Strategies to Increase Book Sales

Marketing and selling books are harder than writing because anyone can write a good book if one puts their heart and soul into it. Marketing and selling books are pretty challenging. It is about setting your books apart from the rest, and selling is an art in itself. This is why this blog focuses on different tactics for selling books, including Search Engine Optimization (SEO), to assist you in improving book sales and expanding your readership.

1. Term finding and optimization

Keyword optimization is central to selling books because people need to search for your book with the keywords they place. It is the first step of the selling process. Therefore, use the keywords you feel your book’s audience will be using, so be careful when deciding on them. Your chances of finding customers will increase sky-high.

2. Write a Catchy Book Description

Every book requires a suitable book description because it helps further marketing and SEO initiatives. The description informs the reader of how your book sets itself apart from the rest. It should be detailed and informative yet catchy. The keywords included in the first step can be used here. The book will get featured higher in search results with a strong and catchy meta description.

3. Establish a Powerful Internet Presence

A solid online presence is critical because one should show off one’s writing online and keep one’s audience updated on one’s plans. This means one should supplement the book with a powerful author website and blog. This includes using the right keywords, improving graphics and ensuring it is responsive on smartphones. Social networking allows reader interaction, forging connections with other writers and engaging with other groups that specialize in your genre or speciality.

4. Use email marketing as a tool.

Establishing an email list is critical to increasing book sales. Whether that email list is created via a website or a social media account will allow more people to subscribe to your online newsletter. This means you should also offer subscribers more engaging material, such as behind-the-scenes materials, previews, and giveaways. All of these combined can help with your marketing efforts.

5. Testimonials and Reviews for Garner

Reviews and testimonials help other readers learn more about your book from the perspective of those who purchased it. Reviews on Goodreads and Amazon hold a lot of credibility and encourage readers to write honest reviews. These testimonials and reviews can be left on all your online assets, like social media accounts, websites, and other web newsletters.

6. Make use of Amazon’s marketing resources.

Amazon is perhaps the world’s largest retailer of books, and it offers excellent resources and tools to enhance book sales. Amazon’s Author Central can allow for the creation of a comprehensive author profile’s sales page. This will show statistics and analytics to show how well your book is selling. You can use it to target your advertisements to the right demographics and audiences via Amazon Advertising. You can also register the book for Kindle Unlimited or Kindle Countdown Offers.

7. Work with other authors and influential people

Another method is to collaborate with social media influencers, other authors, and the right people to market your book. It could be a local bookstore, writing guest posts on other websites, or being part of marketing campaigns. Collaborations can expand the reader base more than ever, so it is best to exercise that option.

8. Attend conferences and events.

Nothing is better than a personal touch. It is best to use conferences and events to connect with the reader community and business experts. They offer opportunities to present work, network, and find out more about recent developments in book marketing and sales strategies.

9. Provide a Complimentary Sample or Temporary Promotion

Similar to Amazon’s look-inside feature, it is better to offer a complimentary sample or temporary promotion to allow readers to get a sneak preview of the book. Discounts can be offered to encourage sales, too.

The nine strategies are the best ways to market your book and increase sales. All of them are excellent ways to get readers closer to buying your book, so utilize all of them for overall success.



Michael Stickler is a best-selling author and internationally sought-after speaker. His highly acclaimed work includes Cliven Bundy: American Terrorist Patriot, Journey to Generosity, and Life Without Reservation. His 19th book, Ghost Patriot is his first book in the political fiction genre, and it is quickly approaching best-seller status. When not traveling the world as an author/speaker, you might find Michael in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada, or on a beach near Playa Del Carmen, Mexico, writing his next book. He is also the Founder of Leadership Books.

You may also contact Michael at Leadership Speakers Bureau to schedule him for speaking or leadership engagements.


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